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This Murder’s On Me

C S Montanye When Johnny and his heart-throb...
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Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Exciting Western, November 1951

EXCITING WESTERN was the home of W.C. Tuttle's long-running series about range detectives Tombstone and Speedy, but the Tuttle story in this issue appears not to be part of that series. I'm sure the cover would have mentioned it if "Derelict City" was a Tombstone and Speedy yarn. Other authors in this issue are Louis L'Amour writing as Jim Mayo, Harry Whittington, C. William Harrison, Syl

Monday Morning Digest Magazine: Doc Savage, October 1946

We think of DOC SAVAGE as a pulp first, and rightly so since it's one of the most iconic pulps ever. But for a good part of the Forties it was a digest magazine, like Street & Smith's other former pulps THE SHADOW, WESTERN STORY, and ASTOUNDING. I know some people don't care for the series, but I was a huge fan after picking up the Bantam reprint of METEOR MENACE from the spinner rack in

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Popular Detective, June 1943

I'm not sure exactly what's happening on this cover, but it's a creepy, effective image anyway. Authors in this issue include Norman Daniels, Joe Archibald, and Dale Clark. Walt Bruce, author of the Dr. Zeng series, was really W.T. Ballard and Robert Leslie Bellem. I've never read any of those stories, but I like Ballard and Bellem, so maybe I should.

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: 5 Western Novels, October 1951

Some nice cover art on this issue of a mostly reprint magazine from the Thrilling Group, and a bunch of good writers inside including Ernest Haycox, Allan R. Bosworth, Dwight Bennett (D.B. Newton), Joe Archibald, Larry A. Harris, and Barry Scobee. Wish I had a better scan of this one.