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DVD Late Show in August

Well, I didn't plan it that way, but I didn't update my DVD Late Show website in either June nor July. Heck, before this week I hadn't posted a new review since early May. Sure, I had reasons why DVD reviewing had to be pushed to the back-burner - May and June were devoted to finishing up some overdue comics scripts, and July was mostly just too damned hot to write - but I hate that the site was neglected for so long (again). I may not have a lot of readers, but I owe them better than that.

Anyway, this week, I've gotten back to it, and have posted reviews of Warner's new Charlie Chan Collection, Anchor Bay's Solomon Kane Blu-ray, and the Bomba The Jungle Boy collection from Warner Archive (all of which I've mentioned here at one time or another).

Later today, I hope to have a review of Synapse Films' terrific Hands Of The Ripper Blu-ray/DVD combo... and maybe one more.

I'm going to try and keep making regular updates for a while - I have a lot of discs on my desk to review. Stuff like the Adventures of Superboy - Season Three, Spymaker: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming, The Beasts Are On The Streets, The Name Of The Game Is...Kill!, Captain Caveman - The Complete Series, Hangar 18, Fortress and Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan on Blu-ray... plus a whole lot more. Stay tuned!

The B-Movie Jungle

I received the new Bomba The Jungle Boy manufactured-on-demand DVD collection from Warner Archives yesterday. I've watched the first four of the six films in the set, and while I'll be posting a real review over on my DVD Late Show site early next week, I wanted to mention here how much I'm enjoying these Monogram B-movies.

While clearly shot on a shoestring budget, and a bit too leisurely-paced for their brief running times, I think these compare rather favorably to the Tarzan films that Sol Lesser was producing at the same time; they're clearly cheaper, but not much cheaper than the Lex Barker Tarzan entries. Johnny Sheffield, while still decidedly boy-ish of face, has a remarkably impressive adult physique worthy of a jungle man, and appears to be doing a surprising number of his own stunts.

In these first four films - Bomba The Jungle Boy, Bomba On Panther Island, Lost Volcano, and The Hidden City - there's a reasonable variety to the storylines, even if they do manage to include almost every convention (or cliché) of the jungle adventure film - and we wouldn't want it any other way. (Haven't seen anyone trapped in quicksand yet, though.)

I'm definitely looking forward to spinning the last couple films in Volume One, and hope that Volume Two will be coming soon.

Return Of The Late Show

After a couple of months laying fallow, the DVD Late Show review site roars back to life this week, with a slew of new articles - and a new Blu-ray Giveaway!

I don't really have a good excuse for the two month+ hiatus - it was mostly the result of seasonal depression and creative burnout, I think - but I'm back to work, and hope to both catch up with some of the genre DVDs and Blu-rays that have piled up on my desk and stay current with new releases.

Monday saw reviews of the new Shout! Factory/Scream Factory Blu-ray edition of Stuart Gordon's 80s horror classic From Beyond, and the Blue Underground DVD release of the 1972 Lee Van Cleef Spaghetti Western, The Grand Duel. Today, I plan to post reviews of Westworld and Gorgo on Blu-ray and the Warner Archive MOD release of the 1974 Wonder Woman television pilot, starring Cathy Lee Crosby as the star-spangled Amazon.

Also on the way are reviews of the Westworld sequel, Futureworld, recently released on Blu-ray, VCI Entertainment's two-volume Creepy Creature Double Features and Overtime, and more. Stay tuned!

DVD Late Show In 2013

After some erratic posting in the last third of 2012 (missing half of November and all of December entirely, somehow), a new review appeared today at my DVD Late Show website: the new Warner Archive release of 1989's Superboy - The Complete Second Season.

Before the end of the day, I'll be posting a review of the recent Scorpion Releasing DVD of Greydon Clark's 1983 teen comedy, Joysticks, and on Friday, I'll have looks at Severin Film's new Blu-ray of the manly merc adventure The Wild Geese and Warner Archive's pre-Code torrid tropical melodrama, Red Dust, with Clark Gable & Jean Harlow.

My goal is to try to settle into a  Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule at the Late Show, as long as I have review discs on hand. On my desk at the moment are plenty of DVDs and Blu-rays to get me through January, including Outlaw Brothers, Ashanti, The Definitive Document of The Dead, Godzilla Vs Biollante, A Cat In Paris, Captain Cornelius Cartoon's Cartoon Lagoon Vol. 1, Overtime, and more.

I've been writing and posting DVD (and later, Blu-ray) reviews under the DVD Late Show banner since 2005. That's over 700 reviews, so far. I'm going to try and get at least a 100 more done this year... as long as the discs keep coming and people still find my reviews informative and entertaining.

DVD Late Show Update

Since the last time I posted here about my DVD Late Show website, a number of new reviews have been posted, including looks at the 1981 horror cult classic The Boogens, on Blu-ray from Olive Films; the Cuba Gooding/Dolph Lundgren actioner, One In The Chamber, on Blu-ray from Anchor Bay Entertainment; The MGM Limited Edition Collection MOD disc of Hammer's The Quartermass Xperiment from 1955; the first authorized DVD of the kaiju classic, Godzilla Vs. Megalon from Media Blasters/Tokyo Shock; and the 1976 kids' TV series, Monster Squad, from VCI/Fabulous Films. Check 'em out!

In the next week or two, I expect to have articles on the recent DVD and Blu-ray releases of the 1981 martial arts opus, Kill And Kill Again; Gene Roddenberry's The Lieutenant from Warner Archive; Piranha 3DD on Blu-ray; The Asylum's Bigfoot; Jersey Shore Shark Attack and The Walking Dead - Season 2, on Blu-ray from Anchor Bay, and a couple of vintage children's TV series. Stay tuned!