Apr 142014
Blast From The Past #2

The Blonde (1958)
Written by Alan G Yates (1922-1985)

The blonde play girl  knew too much and talked too much
So somebody decided to silence her...........permanently

Grant Roberts Cover

When a blonde Hollywood party girl who has been to one too wild brawl too many agrees to tell all on a candid TV show, somebody blows her up before she can name names coast to coast. This leaves  free wheeling California cop, Al Wheeler to pick up the pieces as he treads his way through a labyrinth of beauties in a hot and heady chase to catch the killer. 

Lee Manning, filmland Romeo, committed suicide after a Hollywood bash. Or did he? Georgia Brown, babbling blonde, could tell what really happened. But would she? Paula Reid, demon TV interviewer,m was going to spill the facts on her TV show. But could she? Before the story got a chance to sizzle the airwaves, a killer stepped in and stopped George Brown dead. So Pine City Police Lieutenant Al Wheeler plays a near fatal role in an underground production of murder.

Printing History

Horwitz Editions
Numbered Series #67 August 1958
International Edition #2 February1961
International Edition #58 May 1969
Horwitz Double #5a 1979

New American Library
Signet Books
#1565 November 1958
#1565 (Canada) December 1958
S1972 May 1961
D3297 1967
Signet Double (E8961) December 1979
Signet Double (Canada) 1979
Signet Double (AE1703) August 1982

Bonus Covers





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Apr 092014
Beauty, The Beast, and Square Daddy

When San Fransisco lawyer Randall Roberts went looking for "Calvin" Sandra Stillwell, a hip, back to nature virgin beauty and no so incidentally heiress to a small fortune he didn't expect his search to take him through the orgiastic den of an apeman. But if the beast could steer him to his beauty, who was he to complain, especially when the apeman's harem was his for the loving So off to the commune, where Randall found himself bedazzled by "Calvin's" virginal beauty and the psychedelic smoke clouds her commune buddies blew his way. But behind the clouds the corpses began piling up, and the commune brothers crash landed from the worst trips kids could take, a needle in the arm and a deadly dose of big H to the heart. And suddenly find the heiress became find the heroin before big H found Square Daddy Roberts for keeps...!

Bonus Covers

Vietnam (2003)

 Norway (1974)

Germany (1974)

Printing History
 Written by Alan G Yates (1922-1985)

Horwitz Publications, Inc
Numbered Series #170 1973
ISBN 7255 0225

New American Library
Signet Books
T 5249 April 1973
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Apr 022014
Adventures In Space And The World Of Tomorrow

Rocketeers At Bay


Transport Publishing Company
June 1952

Rocketeers At Bay
Written by N K Heming
(Norma Kathleen Hemming 1928-1960)  
Our future....told by a robot

Radio Riddle
Written by Wolfe Herscholt
Try to guess the answer..die if you don't

Juggernaut Of Jago
Written by Ace Carter
(Gordon Clive Bleeck 1907-1971)
If the monstrosity could be turned against the monster who invented it
Madness In Mercury
Written by G. C Bleeck
(Gordon Clive Bleeck 1907-1971)
For no reason at all, the Mercurians made vicious attacks on Earthmen...madness

Spaceman Spoofed
Written by Alan Yates
(Alan G Yates 1923-1985)
If the floating box makes you wonder what's cooking, then it's your own goose!

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Mar 312014
Welcome to the last of the Murder in March Madness event This is the event where I will highlight a title with the word "murder", or a variant, in it. To cap off this event will be the very first Cater Brown "Lovely Mystery" The Lady Is Murder from 1951. Thanks to everyone for visiting.

The Lady Is Murder (1951)
Written by Alan G Yates (1922-1985)


Publishing History

Transport Publishing Company
for and on behalf of Horwitz Publications, Inc
1951, August 1954
w/Madame, You're Morgue Bound and Cyanide Sweetie
First Collectors Series No 5

Title changes to The Lady Is A Killer in 1958
w/Murder By Miss Take 
Second Collectors Series Vol 1 No 18
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Mar 252014
Welcome to Murder In March Madness. Currently we are in the home stretch with just six days remaining. Today's title is the Carter Brown's Murder by Miss Demeanor from 1956.

Murder By Miss Demeanor (1956)
aka Murder By Miss Take (1958)
Written by Alan G Yates (1922-1985) 

Horwitz Numbered Series #12

Horwitz Collector's Series
Volume 1 Number 18


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Mar 212014
We are rolling along in the Murder In March Madness event. We are now up to day twenty one where where I will highlight a book title with the word "murder' in the title or a variant. Today's title is The Aseptic Murders by Carter Brown from 1972.

The Aseptic Murders (1972)
Written by Alan G Yates (1922-1985)   

Robert McGinnis Cover

Two nude bodies add up to double trouble for Lt Al Wheeler,
as he sets off an explosive formula of kiss and kill!

Mad scientists and laboratory lust.
A chemical equation scribbled on a crumpled piece of paper, and two nude bodies sprawled across a motel bed. Those were the clues that led Al Wheeler to the hush-hush research lab where a cozy crew of oversexed scientist were doing some very off-beat experimenting. One of the whitecoats, it was obvious, had found a brand new formula for murder. And Al, much to his dismay, was next in line to test it!

Germany & Austria


Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #164 1972
ISBN 7255 0192 8
Printed in Hong Kong
Double Edition Series #3A 1978
w/Night Wheeler

New American Library
Signet Books 
T4961 April 1972
E8521 January 1979 
w/Night Wheeler
AE1701 1981
w/Night Wheeler

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Mar 182014
Today we are on the other side of the hump heading towards a nice finish with Murder In March Madness. Today is day number eighteen which brings up the title Murder In The Harem Club/Key Club by Carter Brown, published in 1962. 

Murder In The Harem Club/Key Club (1962)
Written by Alan G Yates (1922-1985)  

Extravagant Parties
Gorgeous Slave Girls &

 With extravagant parties beyond his wildest dream and gorgeous 'slave girls' prepared to carry out his every wish, Rick Holman should have been only too pleased to spend a thousand and one nights in the atmosphere of the Harem Club. But the set-up was shattered by a vicious gangster, the death of the girl no one would discuss, and the gun in Rick's hand.

Girls were Carter Stanton's stock and trade. He was the publisher of Sultan Magazine, a monthly extravaganza devoted to a spectacular display of the female form. He was the propietor of The Harem, a select key club that specialized in hostesses to suit very man's fancy. Girls were Stanton's beck and call. Life for him was one wild and wonderful party until the killer tried to crash the party.

Robert McGinnis Cover

Printing History
Horwtiz Publications Inc
Numbered Series #100 1962
International Edition Series #37 1963

New American Library
Signet Books
S2140 June 1962
D3704  1968

 Some Worldly Covers

Russia n/d

Finland 1966

Netherlands 1964

Russia 2008

Brazil 1965

Germany & Switzerland 1963

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Mar 142014
Today we are up to day fourteen in the Murder in March Madness event. All through the month of March I will highlight a different mystery with the word "Murder" or a variant in the title. Today is a special day in which I will highlight two titles: Murder Sweet Murder And Murder Is A Broad  by Carter Brown, first published in 1952 and 1953.

Murder Sweet Murder
Written by Alan G Yates (1922-1985) 

Printing History

Novelette Series
as Carter Brown "Lovely" Mystery

First Collectors' Series #2
w/Ssh-She's A Killer & Meet Miss Mayhem

Murder is A Broad
Written by Alan G Yates (1922-1985)

Printing History
Novelette Series
as Carter Brown "Lovely" Mystery

First Collectors' Series #8
w/Dimples Died De-Luxe & Kidnapper Wears Curves
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Mar 112014
Welcome to Murder In March Madness. I will highlight one title with the word Murder, or a variant,  in it each day all during the month of March. Today is day number 11 of this event and I will highlight the Carter Brown title Murder Is a Package Deal from 1964.

Murder Is A Package Deal (1964)
Written by Allan G Yates (1922-1985)

A Hollywood screen siren hires Rick Holman to scare off an almost ex husband who's out to make a killing in the blackmail business.

Robert McGinnis Cover
 Fabrielle Frye was engaged to a millionaire and about to make a comeback as a big time star. Then the man she married four years before, the husband who had disappeared after two nights of a hectic honeymoon, turned up with an offer. Divorce, for a a million dollars.

Printing History

Horwitz Publications, Inc
Numbered Series #120 (1964)
International Edition Series  #73 (1971)
ISBN 7255 0152

New American Library
Signet Books
G2530 September 1964
T5532 1973

Various covers throughout the world

 Finland 1966

Germany and Switzerland 1965

Japan 1965

Denmark 1977

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Mar 072014
Welcome to Murder In March Madness. I will highlight one title with the word Murder, or a variant,  in it each day all during the month of March. Today is the seventh day of this event and I will highlight the Carter Brown title Model For Murder published in two different versions in 1953 and 1980.
Model For Murder (1953 & 1980)
Written by Allen G Yates (1922-1985)

The murder was to be strictly "off camera"
 no witnesses and no light on any angle 
of the case except the body to be.........

Printing History

Transport Publishing Co Pty Ltd.
for and on behalf of Horwitz Publications, Inc

Novelette Series

Was his dead the result of 
a crime of passion 
or a passion for crime?

Kiss The Boys Goodbye
When Nigel Barrett, a strikingly handsome male model, was found stabbed to death in his elegant apartment, the case landed on Al Wheeler's desk. Al soon discovered that Nigel was the object of passion, and jealousy, from many quarters. There was Madeline, who discovered the body, and claimed to be Nigel's friend. But she was heavily involved with Pete, a macho type with a shady past. Then there was Lou spoiled, beautiful, and wealthy, who had posed for certain pictures with Nigel, pictures that could be very damaging if they fell into the wrong hands. Al knew the murderer wouldn't hesitate to kill again to prevent discovery. And Al was target #1.

Printing History

Horwitz Publications, Inc
Bucks Books T108
ISBN 7255 0844

Tower Publications
ISBN 05 51527

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