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To Love And Yet To Die by Stephen Frances

Amateur agent John Gail takes on a madman's challenge,
in a bizarre mission that marks him as a target of both sides!

He had already lived through what most men could never survive. Now John Gail faces his most terrifying assignment. He has to guard the life of a beautiful and desirable woman, a woman pursued day and night by ruthless men. She was a priceless secret, too dangerous to fall into the hands of a power hungry man who can dictate his own terms to world governments. 

Once again British agent John Gail finds himself on a mission of madness and murder, a mission so mysterious that even he doesn't know who is enemy is, or why. Only that the encounter, when it comes, will be dangerous, decisive, and deadly!

Printing History
Written by Stephen D Frances

copyright 1966
Published by arrangement with Mayflower Books Ltd.

Award Books
A 602X (1970)

Duets: Alison and John

The New Prologue website

On Thursday March 1, 2012, F&W and Adams Media announce the premier of their new ebook website, Prologue, which will feature many of the vintage mystery and genre fiction authors of the past 100 years. Created by Ben LeRoy, the editor of Tyrus Books, it’s a great list of the known and the not-so-known.

They've got authors like Gil Brewer, Andrew Coburn, Robert Colby, Richard Deming, Fletcher Flora, William Gault, Orrie Hitt, Frank Kane, Henry Kane, Ed Lacy, Dan J. Marlowe, Wade Miller, Helen Nielsen, Vin Packer, Kin Platt, Peter Rabe, Charles Runyon, Louis Trimble, Jack Webb, Harry Whittington….and that’s just for starters.

There’s lots more to come: science fiction, romance, westerns, young adult, horror, and more mysteries.

Visit the Prologue website at, or check out online booksellers like or Barnes & Noble. We think you’ll be nicely surprised at the number of books being made available. As the site says, this is a “living record” of genre fiction. And this is just the beginning.

101 Greatest Films of Mystery & Suspense, #37 – ‘Blade Runner’

From the archives: We're recounting the films chosen by Otto Penzler for the 101 Great Films of Mystery & Suspense, published in 2000 but now out-of-print.

Introducing The Hunted and The Dame

Introducing The Hunted and The Dame by Dave Zeltserman

The Hunted and The Dame are the first two ebooks in what I hope readers will find an exciting new novella series from me that mixes hardboiled crime with government conspiracy. Each of these are going to be between 85-110 pages long, which I think is the perfect length for Kindle reading.

The Richard Stark/Parker influence in these will be evident from the sparse prose, the crime heist in The Dame (and heists in future novellas), and the name of my anti-hero, Dan Willis (Parker's cover identity in the early books was Chuck Willis), and while I think Parker fans are going to enjoy these they're still very different. The government conspiracy running through these books will make them very different.